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Kid's Martial Arts Program​

Is the perfect choice for children K-8. Our program works unlike any other children’s activity simply because it has the perfect blend of realistic training and fun learning.
Kid’s classes are taught by our expert instructors on an age appropriate level. We begin with
self-discipline or what we like to call a non-quitting spirit. Self-discipline itself is not enough; we also teach our kids the art of self-defense, an important life skill. Kids today face more bullies and negative peer pressure than ever before, so it is essential they have the skills necessary to distinguish between good and bad, right from wrong.
At Semper Fi MMA Academy we teach a realistic, streetwise self-defense system that combines the most effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, and Grappling techniques. So kids learn to defend themselves in virtually any situation, whether they are standing up in a conflict or end up on the ground. They also learn conflict resolution and when they should and shouldn’t use their new found skills.
 These are skills that can be used for a lifetime, such as:
                               The repetitive moves, details, rhythms, class rules and protocols that are emphasized during class all aid in the development of self-discipline.
                         The lessons regarding self-defense and restraint greatly aid in the development of confidence.
                  Martial art teaches children that staying fit can be done in an entertaining and fun manner. Stressing coordination and agility, martial arts is something that students benefit from for years. Also, martial arts are activities that can be practiced year round; it’s independent from the seasons and places in which we live.
                         Martial art allows all students to easily track their progress via the use of colored belts, which provides a great deal of satisfaction to each and every student. They work for their own merits while developing awareness that they are directly responsible for their own actions.






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