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A 60 minute action-packed, high-energy, motivating class that combines the intensity and quick movements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics with strength exercises, circuit training, endurance drills, and abdominal work. All to improve your agility, cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, muscle tone and give you an intense total body workout.

Classes feature a variety of punch combinations, kicks, knee strikes and elbow strikes all done to high energy music on standing heavy bags, which allows you to have a good time working out.

Our Cardio Kickboxing class accommodates various skill levels. Beginners are shown how to properly execute basic strikes, kicks and do basic strength building exercises.

Although this is a group class, we do focus on safety and work with the individual to develop proper techniques and strength building.

                                    is the key to staying focused. Our instructors are here to help provide the determination, the excitement, and the intensity that will help you reach your goals.

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